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HMC984 with single ended REF and VCO

Question asked by nafran on Jun 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2015 by dyoung1

I have previously used the HMC439 DPD in a number of designs, but now require a DPD that works below 10 MHz. But, while the HMC439 is designed to work using singled ended sine inputs, the HMC984 requires square wave inputs to operate below 10 MHz.


My system is not a typical PLL/VCO application and is used in stabilizing an external laser. The generated "VCO" signal is a sinusoidal signal from a photodetector. Does Analog/Hittite recommend a possible buffer IC that could be used to provide the desired open collector input to the HMC984? Similar to the HMC983, but without the additional control electronics? I do not require the ability to divide down the VCO prior to the DPD.


Thank you.