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PPI and SPORT0 simulataneous Usage.

Question asked by newbie on Mar 21, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2011 by gvasanth

Hi all,


Can i simultaneously use both PPI and SPORT by configuring the PORTF_FER and PORTF_MUX. I am using SPORT0 and SPORT1 for interfacing to 2 ADCs and can i enable PPI in the pins PPID14 and PPID15 by configuring the PORTF_FER and PORTF_MUX accordingly? I am using BF524 Processor.


Will this register configuration work:



//Peripheral pins selected: DR0PRI:PF0, DR1PRI, DT0PRI:PF3, DT1PRI, PPICLK, PPID14, PPID15, RFS0:PF1, RFS1, RSCLK0:PF2, RSCLK1, TFS0:PF4, TFS1, TSCLK0:PF5, TSCLK1



*pPORTF_MUX = 0x1155;