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ADXL362 Burst read

Question asked by Terumasa on Jun 1, 2015
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Our customer will use ADXL362.

Customer asks below.

We do not know  "what Datasheet P.19 description " means

Please let me know your advice.



We think that  ADXL362 needs that CS goes low to high once for next command after one command.

If possible, customer would like to use ADXL362 without control of CS (  while CS is always low).

Datasheet P.19 says FIFO can sustain bursting at the SPI clock rate as long as SPI clock is faster than 1MHz.

Does above mean that burst is controlled by SPI clock rate without control of CS ?


For example, in the case that  CS is always low, if  we stop the input of SPI clock,  is burst  stopped   ?

And  if we input SPI clock after above,   can we start next command while CS is always low ?


If there is any query, please let me know