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Clock asked by AFE ADAS1000

Question asked by samyukta on May 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2015 by samyukta

Hello all,

For SPI communication, for a 2kHz data rate, (i.e. 2000 frames per second), the AFE asks for a minimum Master Clock of 2000*12*32 (for 12 words per frame and 32 bits per word) = 768kHz. There is also a maximum limit on the clock which can be given. However, to correctly get 2000 frames per second, should I be giving a master clock of exactly 768kHz or a multiple of the same? How will giving a clock of 1000 kHz or so suffice? I should give either 768kHz or 1536kHz or something like that, right?

However, the master clock has its own default values, and these values do not come in that. the closest it can get is 1500 kHz or so. Moreover, the AFE has not asked for any such clock value- it has just specified that you give a clock greater than 768 kHz.

Could you shed more light on this topic?