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ADG732 - In 48-Lead TQFP - 'A4' and 'CS' pins?

Question asked by WebsElec on May 29, 2015
Latest reply on May 29, 2015 by Stephen_Nugent

We are using ADG732 - In 48-Lead TQFP for some prototyping work currently being
undertaken, and I'm sending info to software engineer so that we can read
channel S1.
However, to set up the ADG732, pin 'A4' is required to be set, which is not
listed for the TQFP package pin list.
Is there some missing info in this data sheet?
I've advised that the software engineer writes 0's to pins...

15 (A0)
16 (A1)
17 (A2)
18 (A3)
19 (CSA - really CS?)
20 (CSB - really A4?)
21 (WR)
22 (EN) order to access S1 at the output, without any latching. Will this be OK?