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PLL HMC783 Hittite

Question asked by sdruart on May 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2015 by MRichardson

Hi all,


I'm new in the design of rf tranceivers. I purchased the evaluation board of the HMC783 PLL part.

I have a question about the FSK modulation possibility of this MMIC.

Is it a coherent FSK modulation ? I mean, is the phase continuous when jumping from f0 to f1 and vice versa? I suppose this is the case since this is a PLL circuit . I just want to have confirmation about that before going further in my work. Perhaps I misread it in the datasheet and I'm sorry for this. Also, does somebody have an idea of the maximum frequency modulation rate ? ('fm' has written page A-11 in the operation manual of the PLL). I don't really understand the following sentence on the bottom of this page:

"For practical FSK transmissions the fm rate is limited by the radio link budget, channel spectral emission restrictions and practical closed loop bandwidths of the fractional PLL with Integrated VCO"


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Operation manual link: