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Getting started++ with ADUCM350

Question asked by jackchips on May 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2015 by balajikannan


I'm interested in 2 wires measurements with ADUCM350 evaluation kit.


I have few questions/issues that I'm having


1. I'm using the switch mux config board that comes with the EVM. I'm having big trouble figuring out how to connect electrodes or different resistors(TIA, Zunknown and RCAL). For example, next to LK1 on the switch mix board there is a R1 that seems to be a place for resistors - does it connect to AFE1-AFE2? I will appreciate some explanation on this to get me started with measurements.


2. I'm trying to figure out how MMR is populated in sample code "ImpedanceMeasurement_2Wire" and I'm very confused by it.

Is there some place where I can get explanation of how "seq_afe_acmeas2wire" is expected to get populated? It seems to hold different configuration for each measurement - what's the expected order? For example, I couldn't find any description for "DMUX_STATE".


3. I'm interested in low frequency(lowest possible 80Hz) to high(20 kHz) excitation measurements.

Do I have to configure the chip to use the LF oscillator? Would it make sense to just change "FREQ" in ImpedanceMeasurement_2Wire for being able to measure with 80Hz?(the sample is configured to work with 10kHz excitation frequency)


Thank you.