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Hardware ASRC output on ADSP-21479

Question asked by mmohang on May 29, 2015
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I am getting unexpected (I am not sure) results from hardware ASRC's on ADSP-21479 EZ-Board. Input and output of ASRC is I2S (at 48 KHz). ASRC output length is configured to 24-bit. ASRC input is routed from SPORT1 Tx and ASRC output is routed to SPORT0 Rx with input and output clocks are from different sources. The issue what I am getting is that when the input to ASRC is all 0's then the output of ASRC is not 0's. There is a small amount of data (LSB 4 bits of upper 24-bits). Should I expect zero output from ASRC for the zero input? If not, is there any setting by which I get zero output for zero input?


Could anyone please help me ASAP as it is urgent for me?


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