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ADE7878 Neutral, Ground and 0Vdc Connection

Question asked by chris-meters on May 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2015 by dlath

Hi there,


I am developing an energy meter using the ADE7878.

I have used the evaluation board as the basis for the circuit design and I am supplying power 3.3Vdc to the ADE7878 through an AC-DC converter module. I am taking the AC supply for the module from the VA and VN inputs for the voltage measurements.


I have some reservations about how how I have connected up the neutral, ground plane and 0Vdc. At the moment I have connected both  0Vdc and Neutral to the ground plane. See the circuit diagram below for the Neutral-Ground-0Vdc setup.


I am just wondering if this setup is ok and if there are any comments about it?


Thanks in advance.




Neutral-0Vdc-Ground Connection.PNG