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ADV7180BCPZ capability

Question asked by power-man on May 29, 2015
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My customer has issue with ADV7180BCPZ.


There are no output from ADV7180 after their end customer used the application for 1 month.

The customer doubts the input signal from camera because which is dull.

The input signal is from monochrome camera. The input signal is dull as around 50mV.

But the customer can't understand why the ADV7180 stop outputting the signal.


In addition, their customer uses 22 sets of this module. Those modules receive the same monochrome camera signal.

One month later, all of  those module stopped at the same timing.


Can you imagine what is the root cause?

If the input signal is the root cause, could you clarify the input signal condition in the worst case?