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Wheel Speed Sensor output conditioning (~CN-0332)

Question asked by ukengb on May 29, 2015
Latest reply on May 29, 2015 by Brandon

I was hoping the CN-0332 was exactly what I need, but not quite.


I'm working on an automotive application (motorcycle) with existing Wheels Speed Sensors. These are 2 wire with 12V supplied (hence MagnetoResistive Active sensors) by the Antilock Brake System ECU - which is being removed and eliminated from the vehicle. The problem is that the ABS ECU also passes wheel speed signals to the main ECU for other uses and it MUST have these. So I need to replicate how the ABS ECU extracts the signals and then amplifies them to pass over a single line each (front and rear) to the main ECU. This I believe to be a 5V signal referenced to the vehicle ground.


The CN-0332 does this - kinda. But it is a complete system with built-in sensor and overall does much more than I need. I just need to take the WSS output square wave signal from each negative return and boost it to a 5V signal to be then connected to the main ECU. So...


Could I modify a CN-0332 to just do what I need? Is there any other solution anyone can suggest? I can build a circuit if I know what is required, but designing from the ground up is beyond my current abilities and there is no time to change that, so I could really do with some help here. I just hope someone can do so.