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AD8145 Reference Schematics Required

Question asked by qt5nt6 on Mar 20, 2011
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Hello Experts,

         I am new user of Analog devices and I need your help in designing my system. I am in urgent need of AD8145 reference schematics; kindly share it as I could not find it on the internet.


Also i need to know the following:


a)       The Differential input of AD8145 is 3 that is VGAR+, VGAR-, VGAB+, VGAB-, VGAG+, VGAG- please suggest how can i convert the differential HSync and Vsync signals through the same chip? Do I need to use another chip for converting these HSync and VSync signals or I can use the same chip, please suggest how can I do that.

The digital signals from AD8145 is than feed to ADV 7403 for further digitization where I need Hsync and Vsync.

Your kind help and expert suggestions are highly required. Please find some time to reply me.

Take care and have a nice day.