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EMG Isolation in the case of a processor with an in-built ADC.

Question asked by yash.chitalia on Mar 19, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2011 by BillC

Hello Bill,

I went through a discussion initiated by Yee  in which you have discussed choosing an appropriate isolation scheme for an ECG system. I too have a similar problem, but since my case is slightly different, I decided to post my query in a new thread.

Well the topic almost states it all. But I've designed the conditioning system for a battery operated EMG proccessing system which is later driving a graphic LCD after processing the EMG signals.


The processor I am using has an inbuilt  12 bit ADC which I am planning to use for the signal acquisition purposes. Therefore, will it be safe to isolate all my driver circuits from my signal processing system, or must I have an ADC off the processor with a digital isolator in between?


Therefore basically my question is whether it is safe to have this sort of an assembly:


Electrodes-->Conditioning Circuit--> Processor with inbuilt ADC--> Digital Isolation--> Driver Circuits--> Driven Device.


(I am using a bipolar supply for my signal acquisition system and analog conditioning circuit (+/- 5volts) and am upshifting the signal using a summing amplifier and a dc bias at the last stage so the the signal becomes wholely positive.)


Thanks a lot,



P.S: Or would the best solution for me be an analog isolation system before my processor circuit?