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Use ADSP-21469 SPORT Frame Sync for Miscellaneous Interrupt

Question asked by RRC on Mar 18, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2011 by RRC

Hi all,


I am trying to use ADSP-21469 SPORT Frame Sync (as DAC /Chip Select) for DSP to write to multiple DAC's every 250us.  I set the GP Timer1 to 250us. During each Timer1 interrupt, I need to generate 4 Frames Sync's (/Chip Select) for the Quad Channel DAC. I can't use the interrupt generated by SPORT0 TX because that interrupt happens before data transmission completes.


Question 1: Can I route the output of SPORT0_FS_O to 2 inputs as this?

SRU(SPORT0_FS_O, DAI_PB04_I);       /* DAI_P04 to SPORT0 FS (TFS0)   */
SRU(SPORT0_FS_O, MISCB1_I);          /* Frame1 (DAI_P04) to MISCB1   */


Question2: I enabled the Timer1 interrupt and the Misc DAIH interrupt, but only the Timer1 interrupt happens, not the Misc DAIH interrupt. Did I miss something in the setting?


I have attached the main file. No need to bother looking for the header file VP_version.h it's only for version control and book keeping.