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FMCOMMS1 AD9122 Output Gain

Question asked by tjdub21 on May 27, 2015
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We are looking at using the output from the AD9122 and feeding it into a different ADC other than the one on the FMCOMMS1 board. We are using the KC705 development kit and the no-os software for this project. This is what we have done as far as modifications to the board:

1) Removed the RF stuff by switching the 8 zero ohm resistors.

2) Used a SMB cable to tie our DAC output to ADC input on the FMCOMMS1 board.

3) We have checked in the Vivado analyzer and can see that our conversion from digital->analog->digital is working correctly.


We have measured the output of the DAC to be approximately 400 mV peak-to-peak. We are in need of a signal that is at least 700 mV peak-to-peak. Is there a way to increase the gain so that our output can be at least 700 mV but no greater than 1.25 V? Can this be done in software? Or easily done in hardware?


Thank you!