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Capacitors at HMC472ALP4E

Question asked by betamax on May 27, 2015
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we two students from Switzerland would like to use the Attenuator HMC472ALP4E in the frequency range of 1.7MHz to 1.8 MHz for our bachelor thesis. While designing our circuit we consulted the Datasheet(v00.1212). In the Application circuit(page 7) the ACG1 to ACG4 are connected over a single 330pF Capacitor to ground while ACG5, ACG6 and ACG7 are connected each separately over a 330pF capacitor to ground. We were wondering why ACG1 to ACG4 are connected together and the other ACGs are separately grounded? Can they also be all connected and AC grounded via one common capacitor?

Is it sufficient using 330nF capacitor(s) (Impedance at lowest used frequency of 1.7MHz is 0.28Ohm for 330n)?

Thanks in advance for answering our question!

Kind regards
Silvan and Livio