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Frequency settling that uses VCO Autocalibration with HMC832

Question asked by on May 27, 2015
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I would like to use integermode with HMC832.

I would like to change the frequency that uses VCO Autocalibration.


When Autocalibration is used, the VCO output frequency doesn't settle occasionally.

The setting of the register of VCO when not settling was confirmed.

In that case, VCO SUB-BAND SELECT is not appropriate.Near SUB-BAND had been selected.

Therefore, VCO cannot oscillate in my set frequency.

Therefore, it is thought that the VCO output frequency is not settled.


The probability of the problem decreases when the tcal time is lengthened.

The probability is about 1ppm for n=7 and tcal=20.16uS.

I think that this is issue in the fEER frequency.


Is there a thing that VCO doesn't settle because of the frequency error of tEER?

Is this problem happen as long as VCO Autocalibration is used?


Please disregard the power supply noise and the temperature changes in this case.


Thank you.