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Any example of reliable In-App Programming technique for ADuC702x?

Question asked by Circuitcode on Mar 18, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2011 by MMA

Jiao/Xue provide a very simple approach for In-Application Programming for the ADuC702x, in their ADuC702x_IAP.PDF ADI web document.


  • Continued analysis of Jiao/Xue ADuC7026 In-Application program load techniques indicates the following:
    • The Jiao/Xue documented IAP techniques are very rudimentary per the following:
      • No address control:
        • Hex file program addresses are stripped out before program-load.
      • No Checksum verification:
        • Hex file checksums are stripped out before program-load.
      • No provision for RAM application addresses.
        • Hex file RAM/FLASH program addresses are stripped out before program-load.
        • IAP loader runs out of the bottom of RAM – application program RAM variables, have to be addressed outside RAM boundary of boot-loader.
  • We are attempting an ADuC7026 In-Application program load technique per the following:
    • Retains the simplicity of the Jiao/Xue IAP program-load technique.
    • Includes Hex File RAM/FLASH address and checksum controls.
    • Can be completed and tested in a matter of a week to ten days.


We initially contemplated a software/hardware approach to boot-loading the ADuC702x where a remote command would initiate a hardware sequence that would switch the ADuC702x BM* pin to GND via a 1K ohm resistor and then the same thing for the ADuC702x RST* pin. That idea got preempted for a pure software approach in the vane of the Jiao/Xue software approach outlined in the above referenced PDF document.


Is anyone aware of an example of a reliable In-App programming technique for the ADuC702x that utilizes the format, addressing, and checksum controls available with the Hex file program-load format?