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Adv7625 AP1Out not confiring properly

Question asked by Saurabh_Namjoshi on May 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2015 by Saurabh_Namjoshi


I am porting ADI v1.90.2 code on a custom made board.

The board has Adv7625 as RX & Adv8005 configured as repeater.

Here every thing is working fine as Adv7625 is configured in pass through mode I can see & hear Video/Audio from Adv7625 --> Adv8005 --> TX.

My requirement is to configure Adv7625 to extract audio from RX & pass it to AP1Out, here I am facing an issue when I configure Adv7625 IO Map registers like (08, 0A & 9D) as per data sheet for extracting audio from RX & passing it to AP1Out, the register values get set but I can't see MCLK, SCLK & any audio pulses on AP1Out pins.


I also have a Adv7625 standalone code where if I configured the above mentioned I2C registers then everything is working fine, I can see the MCLK, SCLK & audio data at AP1Out pin.


Can you please help me on this issue.


Thanks & regards,

Saurabh Namjoshi