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EVAL-ADuC7023QSPZ1  - What's the secret to get the ADuC7023 to show up in the tools? :-)

Question asked by JoeBoston on Mar 17, 2011
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I have the EVAL-ADuC7023QSPZ1kit.

What's the secret to get the ADuC7023 to show up in the tools? :-)


My CD came with ADuC7XXXV0.1 and Version 0.3 of the GetStartedGuide (worthless for this eval board).

I even downloaded the ADuC7XXXV0.2 version of the tools from


I spent over a day installing/removing/deleting tools/software etc. And, installing from CD, FTP, and websites.


I did get the FDDI chip pin directions all set and I can get the special I2CWSD program to read back a CPU ID of:

ADuC7023i -62 A50

Yippie! :-)



  Also, you know that neato hex file suggested in documentation and I2CWSD program:

"C:\ADuC702x\ADuC7023\Functionality Testing\DAC\GPIO.hex"


  Well, I don't even have anything close to that in my installed on my PC. :-(



Also, I can't connect with the mIDAS-link.  I even downloaded the latest version from Segger (V4.24d).  Like µVision3, the J-Flash program doesn't even list the ADuC7023 as a supported CPU (from  Project Settings-> CPU -> Device).



I did do a search in the forums first.  And, it's clear to me that others are using the ADuC7023.  So, I wondering is there's a secrect that I'm missing in getting the ADuC7023 supported in the tools. :-)




Here is the software that I have installed now:

µVision3 V3.90
Copyright (c) Keil Elektronik GmbH / Keil Software, Inc. 1995 - 2009


Tool Version Numbers:
Toolchain:        RealView MDK-ARM  Version: 3.80a
Toolchain Path:    BIN40\
C Compiler:         Armcc.Exe       V4.0.0.524 [Evaluation]
Assembler:          Armasm.Exe       V4.0.0.524 [Evaluation]
Linker/Locator:     ArmLink.Exe       V4.0.0.524 [Evaluation]
Librarian:             ArmAr.Exe       V4.0.0.524 [Evaluation]
Hex Converter:      FromElf.Exe       V4.0.0.524 [Evaluation]
CPU DLL:               SARM.DLL       V3.80a
Dialog DLL:         DARMAD.DLL       V1.14
Target DLL:             BIN\UL2ARM.DLL       V1.50
Dialog DLL:         TARMAD.DLL       V1.13



Thanks in advance!




BTW:  Sorry for any typos.  This message board software should get in sync with the form standards.  The Firefox spellchecker will not work in this form. :-(  So, my guess is that the same is true for IE.


P.S.   IMHO, I suggest that people go with one of the other ADuC702x devices.  From what I'm seeing, the ADuC7023 looks like an outlier in the configuration, documentation, boards, and supplier  stock.  I like the nice ADCs and DACs that the ADuC7023 has.  But, from  the tool support, and the time from kit introduction, I'm not getting  that warm and fuzzy feeling about ADuC7023.