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sigmaStudio or ADSP-21489

Question asked by SamLiao on May 27, 2015


     About the USBI,ADI official provide SigmaStudio for SHARC demo, in board through the SPI interface(FLAG-->DP4,SPICLK-->DP3, MISO-->DP2, MOSI-->DP1) to the USBI, has run through.

     And our BOARD uses the SPI interface is the actual (FLAG-->DP10,SPICLK-->DP9, MISO-->DP8, MOSI-->DP7), modify the SPI interface in the CCES demo code, generate the LDR file and the load (select loader file-->boot target) is not successful (ADSP-21489 EZ-BOARD also), could you tell me how to set this need?