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Measure AD9364 noise figure

Question asked by thisguy on May 26, 2015
Latest reply on May 26, 2015 by tlili

I am currently working with the FMCOMMS4 boards which is host to the AD9364 transceiver. I would like to measure the noise figure in different bands of interest using the ADC. I have tried it a few different ways and in some bands I am close to the NF and in some bands I am off by a few dB. Full disclosure, I have no real way of trusting this measurement right now. I know that the makeup of the board adds additional noise to the system and thus the measurements may not be as exact as those in the data sheet, but I was wondering if anyone would discuss how they would approach the issue of measuring NF with the FMCOMMS4 board.


Here are a few other questions I have in reference to the NF.

Does anyone know how the noise figure documented in the data sheet is measured?

Also, is it possible to use the RSSI from the AD9364 with a terminated input to get the NF?