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Question asked by AJ9520 on May 25, 2015
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Good day. Our project used AD8195 + AD8192 got a problem need your help.


When we used Sony DVD player S360 or S470. The DDCI2C SDA through AD8195 and AD8192 two buffers after ACK will be error.


But pass AD8195 or AD8192 DDC Buffer then DDCI2C SDA is fine.


I checked pull high Resistance 2k ~ 47k is same problem and about DDC line capacitance is good.


We don't know why DDC SDA can not through two buffers.


Please kindly help explain this problem. Please reference on below CH1 is DDC CLK and CH2/3/4 is DDC SDA.


Thanks for helping~


DDCI2C issue.jpg