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AD-fmcdaq2-ebz  generate sin wave error

Question asked by lan1cao2 on May 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2015 by lan1cao2


     I try to use AD9144 on AD-fmcdaq2_ebz to generate a sin wave .The raw sin data is generated by MATLAB. It's exactly a sin wave. But when I use Oscilloscope to observe the output wave of OUTA. There is something wrong with it. he same with OUTB.  Why it happened ?


jesd204B: L =4,M=2,F=1,K=32. Mode 4. disable scrambing.  lane rate = 5Gbps,DAC clock = 500M. the frequency of sin wave is less than 10MHZ.

AD9144:   enable inverse Sinc Filter and Digital Gain. No modulation. 1X Interpolation Mode.