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ADF5901 & ADF5904 settings

Question asked by bitbad on May 24, 2015
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   I'm using the Analog Devices samples ADF5901 & ADF5904 in a radar system, but some problems puzzle me a lot recently. In my radar system, ADF4159 is used to control the ADF5901 VCO to generate a RF signal modulated with FMCW. I configure the ADF4159, ADF5901 and ADF5904 with SPI on my signal processing board, the setting files are attached. The ADF4159 is locked at 6GHz according to my settings, and the sawtooth signal output from CP pin is correct. However, there is no 24GHz RF signal ouput from the ADF5901 TXOUT1 or TXOUT2 which should be in my system. Because of no RF transmition in the system, there is no baseband output from ADF5904. I don't know why ADF4159 is locked well but no RF signal transmitted from ADF5901 in the radar system? Maybe the settings attached are not correct, or there are some other bugs in the PCB and anttena design.


Can you give me some suggestions or send me the settings? Many thanks!!!




1. In my system, ADF4159 is desinged to be locked at 6GHz and ADF5901 output 24GHz RF signal.

2. ADF4159 setting file can be loaded with ADF4158/9 software - Revision 4.10.5, the contents of ADF5901 and ADF5904 setting files are the data to be programmed to coresponding registers.