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Aida DSP project is born

Question asked by MaxAudioDSP on May 24, 2015
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Hi, more than one year since my post

Summing up knowledge base of Sigma DSP system

by november 2014 me and the other people of team Aida

decided to work on the integration of these powerful audio DSPs with Arduino and Energia enviroments,

we've built a ready to mount shield and a large (but not complete) library in C to

control your DSP in real-time.

First of all, I want to thanks the people of this forum, because I learned from their posts.

The library is open source, and I hope it will be useful for those who want to learn or share their knowledge with us and other people.

To sum up:

- do the algorithm in Sigma Studio as before;

- import Sigma Studio .xml file with our Java firmware generator;

- use AidaDSP API to control the DSP blocks;

For me the Arduino link was missing due to the fact that Arduino has an impressive and still growing library and now

it is easier to build things like bluetooth remote eq or adding MIDI capabilities to Sigma DSPs.

Check out our examples...


PS: we don't have an official forum neither a community. I hope to not disturb too much here.


You can find us on

your feedback is welcomed!