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ADXL362 X,Y,Z 8-bit result interpretation

Question asked by Odyssey on May 22, 2015
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I am trying to make sense of the results I had with the ADXL362. The accelerometer is built on a platform that we can access via Bluetooth. I can send commands from a phone to read X, Y, Z registers, respectively at the address 0x08, 0x09 and 0x0A.


I did orientation testing based on the datasheet on page 42. The test cases are listed on the picture with the orientation (little dot).


I am reading the 8-bit value for each axis, the values below are in decimal. The measurement range is +-2g, sensitivity: 1mg/LSB, scale factor 1000 LSB/g


Case 1: X: 63 - Y: 249 - Z: 7

Case 2: X: 249 - Y: 64 - Z: 16

Case 3: X:179 - Y: 246 - Z: 14

Case 4: X:255 - Y: 180 - Z: 11

Case 5: X:249 - Y: 246 - Z: 198

Case 6: X:248 - Y: 249 - Z: 77

I am trying to make sense of the data read above and would like to map the result to the data on the picture below. Here are couple of questions:

1) If the 0G is the mid-range @127 (decimal), I can understand 63 (-1g), I am not able to make a sense of Y and Z value, could you help me?

2) Do I need to subtract the reference (127) from the result? to find the number of g?

Help would be very welcome.


Screen Shot 05-22-15 at 04.38 PM.PNG