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ADIS16210 - Inconsistent Interrupt Timing

Question asked by harfieldp on May 22, 2015
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I am integrating an Analog ADIS16210 accelerometer with an FTDI Vinculum II processor. I can successfully communicate across the SPI interface. The accelerometer is interfaced across a PCBZ breakout board.


I am running at 800kHz and have optimised my code as far as I can imagine possible. It relies upon the data ready interrupts provided by your accelerometer to indicate new samples.


I am set @128Hz sampling. For some reason, I get most samples every 7 or 8ms but a small percentage at 16 ms. So it is triggering inconsistently. Something similar happens when running @256Hz - 4ms with some samples at 8ms. It even still happens at 8Hz. I've tried both interrupt pins, a range of FTDI pin settings and positive and negative edge interrupt detection.

* Is this normal behaviour?

* Is there a workaround solution?

* Are there actually samples available that the data ready indicator is failing to trigger for?


Many thanks,

Phil Harfield