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How to setup HDMI input for ADV7604 eval board

Question asked by deadPixel on May 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2015 by GuenterL

Hi all,


     I'm having some trouble correctly configuring the ADV7604EBZ Rev C. evaluation board to

take in HDMI video and display on the VGA output of the ATV Motherboard Rev B. My current

setup is as follows:


(Input video source) - Windows 7 desktop set to a resolution of 1280x720, the signal is going

                                   into the adv7604 video input board on port HDMI-A.

(Out   video source) - The ATV motherboard VGA output port.


I'm using the ADV Register Control 6.04 software with the "ADV7604IO_ADV7604CP_ADV7604AFE_ADV7604HDMI_ADV7341B-Ver.1.5.C_REVA" script setup file. Since none of the given scripts do exactly what I need (HDMI in to VGA out),

I created my own script based on these two given scripts:


        "Graphics-8.2 1600x1200 _@ 60 162.000MHz Out through DAC"

        "3-12 - 1280 x 720p60, YPrPb 444 in, YPrPb 422 out, Pixel Repetition 1, VIC 4"


I attached my script in this post, can someone help me figure out what's wrong with it?


P.S. If it is easier to do HDMI(in) to HDMI(out) using the output board Rev C. , I'm also open

        to that idea!