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ADP1048  control of a second stage converter for higher power?

Question asked by Bill.Englemann Employee on May 21, 2015
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I have an eval board up and running now, and am looking at doing a higher power design (500W+).


I have the following questions:

1) Can the ADP1048 handle the control of a second stage converter as well?  If so, does ADI have software similar to what was included with the ADP1048 eval kit?  Is there a reference design I could look at?

2) If I layout my own board, and make sure the same connections are available to the ADP1048, I assume I can still use the GUI to help with programming.  If that’s incorrect (or if there are caveats to that), let me know

3) I am also looking for ways of allowing the PFC_Vout voltage to be less than the peak of the line (i.e – something other than a boost converter).  Ideally, I’d like to run from an input voltage of 90VAC to 305VAC, and have a PFC_Vo of something like 200VDC.  To have enough capacitance for a 500W PFC stage, and rated for 500V would run me about $11-12.  If, instead, I could get the PFC voltage down to 200V, it’d run me in the $3-$3.50 range.  To do that, I’d need some kind of buck-boost converter, which isn’t inherently PF correcting, but I imagine you could do something if you had a chip like the adp1048.  The other reason I’m interested in this is that we are looking at offering a 480VAC input driver in the future.  There is some interest in that, and few available options on the market.  If we have a 480VAC input, assume a 10% tolerance, I’d need to boost to 800V+ on the output of the PFC.  I’d prefer to not have to do that, as components will be even more expensive.

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