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Configuring two ADSP 21489 Kits as master and slave

Question asked by imu on May 21, 2015
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I have two ADSP 21489 EZ Kits and would like to configure Kit-1 as master  and Kit-2 as slave, both in  TDM mode, Following are the main steps:


Step 1:

   Analog input is fed to Kit-1 (master) at its analog inputs.

Step 2:

   After ADC, digital data should be available at DAI_P12 along with DBCLK at DAI_P13 and DLRCLK at DAI_P14 on the P2 expansion interface.

Step 3:

   These three signals are now fed to Kit-2 (slave) via its P2 expansion interface at DAI_P5, DAI_P7 and DAI_P8 respectively.

Step 4:

   The digital data is now passed through the DAC of Kit-2 and should be available at its analog outputs.



"21489 AD1939 C Block-Based Talkthru 48 or 96 kHz" framework is used at 48 kHz on both the Kits.



I have configured the on-board switches in the following way:

           Kit-1:                                         Kit-2:              

     SW1.5 ON                                    SW1.5 OFF

     SW1.7 ON                                    SW1.7 OFF

     SW1.8 ON                                    SW1.8 OFF

     SW2.4 OFF                                  SW2.4 ON

     SW2.5 ON                                   SW2.5 OFF

     SW2.6 ON                                   SW2.6 OFF


At Step 2, the DBCLK and DLRCLK can be measured on the oscilloscope at 12.288 MHz and 48 kHz respectively. However, no data stream is present at DAI_P12 when measured using oscilloscope.

Are there any configurations to be made in the initSRU.c or initSPORT01_TDM_mode.c aswell? Please suggest them in accordance to both Kit-1 and Kit-2.

NOte: Currently, I use the default audio routing C Block-Based Talkthru example.


Thanks in advance.