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HMC1048LC3B PCB Layout Question

Question asked by JUST_ANOTHER_RF_GUY on May 20, 2015
Latest reply on May 27, 2015 by JUST_ANOTHER_RF_GUY

Hello all,


  I a contactor supporting a customer who is using the HMC1048LC3B in two locations on an upconverter/downconverter RF assembly.  I am currently in the process of addressing some issues with the layout of the board for a re-spin and have a question regarding the ability to swap the LO and RF ports in this device.  I know that in some of the older ring diode style mixers there was minimal difference between the LO and RF ports so you could swap them as needed to make the physical connections easier.  In looking at page 2 of the datasheet for the HMC1048 mixer, I see that the RF and LO ports show a fair amount of difference in their respective return losses which make me question if I will be able to drive the mixer from the RF port instead of the LO port.  Has anybody else tried this? I am in the process of obtaining an eval board, but wanted to ask the group in case somebody else has already gone down this path.  Thanks in advance for the help.