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AD9361 switching between ext and int LO without reloading driver

Question asked by ahelak on May 20, 2015
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Using an AD9361 and an fmcomms5, I'd like to switch between external LO and internal LO from time to time. This works with the "Save Settings" and the ext LO / int LO checkboxes, but I believe that method also reloads the driver, changing a bunch of other driver attributes at the same time.


Is it possible to switch between internal and external LO without reloading the driver? For example, if I begin on external LO, I thought maybe if I write the debug traits "adi,external-rx-lo-enable", and "adi,external-tx-lo-enable", toggling them from 1 to 0 would work. If I try to set an internal LO frequency after doing so, however, I end up with wideband noise.


Let me know what you think -- thanks,