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Implementation of Bootloader for ADSP21368

Question asked by sagarkrishna18 on May 20, 2015
Latest reply on May 28, 2015 by Jithul_Janardhanan

Hi all,


I want to implement a bootloader concept for the ADSP21368 processor. For this impolementation i found a document from this for forum i.e., engineer-to-engineer note EE-345 which consists of a guidance of the customization of bootloader code.


The Problem i am facing now is briefed in following below:


1. I had two applications namely blink1 and blink2.

2. These two applications are individually tested by loading their appropriate .ldr files on a flash module which are found working normally.

3. Actually, coming to the main application blink2 .ldr file is generated using the default kernel.

4. Blink1 .ldr file generated with a customized or modified kernel with an offset address of sector1 in a flash module.

5. One of these two applications is loaded in a sector0 of parallel flash i.e., Blink1 and the other is loaded on a sector1 of the same parallel flash.

6. The blink1 application is generated with a modified kernel which has an offset address of sector1. So, that the flash has been executes from the sector1 location which is loaded by blink2 application.


But, this may not happening with the code below is attached. Please help me to come out of this problem



Sagarkrishna B