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Discussion created by ChrisInSeoul on Mar 6, 2011
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You bring up an interesting point.  I've been wondering recently, would it be possible for ADI to make a separate, or sub-, forum that is private for the customers who ARE covered by NDA for the 7623?  I know from my project over the past 9 months how difficult various aspects of the chip have been to understand, and how over-extended the appropriate tech support staff for this chip seem to be.  Perhaps a closed forum for approved customers to discuss some of these 7623 issues would be beneficial to ADI and the customers, both.  I know I could have probably saved weeks, if not months, of design time had I had access to such a forum.  And now that I've got my first design under my belt, I could probably help others same time in certain areas, too.  Just a thought...


-Chris Lott

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