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is the USB controller on BF52x able to wakeup from hibernate without Re-Enumeration?

Question asked by dell-jin Employee on May 19, 2015
Latest reply on May 29, 2015 by jobo23

Dear All:

     Recently, we are still working on a issue on BF52x. please find the detail of the application:

     1. the USB of BF52x  is as a slave device.

     2. the BF52x will transit to the Hibernate mode when the USB is "suspended"

     3. when the USB issues the "resume" command, the DSP must wakeup from Hiberante without  USB Re-Enumeration

     Now, the DSP can wakeup from the Hibernate normally and continue to run from the instruction before Hibernate, but the problem is that the USB is always enumerated by the Host again.  Can anybody help clarify whether our USB controller support the wakeup from Hiberante mode without re-enumeration? is there a successful demo code or example?

     thanks .