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HMC832LP6GE GUI "Lost communication"

Question asked by sss on May 19, 2015
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Our customer evaluate the eval kit of the HMC832LP6GE with eval GUI.

We can not access the register with eval GUI.


Please advise to me.


We check the following materials,

Hittite PLL Evaluation Kit User Manual

Hittite PLL Startup Guide v3

Other EZ disccusions


After power up, the following operations, we were run in order,several times, plugged/unplugged USB, reset GUI and etc.

1.Unpluged USB,



2.Pluged USB, and click the "Refresh",



3.Click the "Open Interface", "Lost communication",



4.After click the "Load Reg File", while "Lost communication" is stayed in,

and can not access the registors.



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