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Problem In Inputting Speech Samples!!!

Question asked by subinspillai on Mar 17, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2011 by Nabeel


I am doing a project on Speech Recognition Using BF537 EZ Kit Lite.I am facing problems regarding taking in the speech samples into the processor


1. I am using the Microphone of an ordinary headphone with mic to input the speech but I'm unable to get an input. But instead if I use a recorded speech sample from my PC and give it to the DATA IN Jack I'm getting an Input. I tried the same with the talkthrough program but am not getting any output while using the mic. What could be the problem?? Should I go for any high quality microphone for inputting the speech?


2. I intend to take 2s of speech sampled at 48Khz and store it in an array. Then I plotted the array and tried to play it back using my computers sound card but I'm getting only a very noisy signal. I'm attaching the code I've written. Kindly help me in finding out what the problem is??


Thanking You