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Problem with /PWM_TRIP input at BF504F

Question asked by Sharky on Mar 17, 2011
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In my application i need two PWM controllers. So, i initialize it.

But each controller is not working if it's /PWM_TRIP line is not initialized as peripheral line. Any other condition of line cause PWM controller is stopped.


It's from HWR:

"If PWM0_TRIP is not selected on either PF6 or PF11, then the internal PWM0_TRIP signal to the PWM module will be driven low. That is, the
PWM unit will be tripped if neither of these signals is selected via the PORTF_MUX register.
The same principle holds true for the PWM1_TRIP signal on PG5, in the PORTG_MUX register."


/PWM_TRIP line function is disabled here:


and here:



I can't enable /PWM0_TRIP and /PWM1_TRIP, because i need UART1 and SPI1 lines to be enabled.


How can i enable PWM controller without selecting it's /PWM_TRIP lines?