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AD9910 load ram data sequence

Question asked by falcanary on Mar 15, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by mohamed.sayed

I'm having trouble loading data into the RAM using the sequence shown in the datasheet for RAM profile mode.  The section on page 33 of 64, it appears just writing to the 0x16 register over and over (using the serial timing shown on page 49) should allow writing of multiple RAM locations by automatically stepping through the RAM counter.  There is no discussion on when there should be an IO UPDATE after writing to one RAM location or all RAM locations.



I can write to the RAM Profile 0 register.  I attempt to try to write to multiple RAM locations.  I can write to the CFR1 register, enabling RAM mode.  However, my output is the correct frequency for the first RAM location but all other locations are garbage.


For example, is the address (0x16) written once and then each 32bit word is written until address range is covered?

Or, is the address (0x16) written followed by a 32bit word, and this pattern is repeated until address range is covered?

Can someone step me through the exact stages of loading the registers?


I am using the device connected to a FPGA and/or microcontroller.  I am not using the dev kit.

Any assitance would be appreciated.