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Read EDID from ADV7623 Problem

Question asked by parjingxx on May 18, 2015
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     I use the ADV7623 for a project, Now, I match a problem: I know that how the ADV7623 TX part read the EDID from the sink ,and I can read the EDID from  hte TX EDID Map through the IIC port. And then I modify the EDID with our  require and write it to the TX EDID Map .At the same time ,I set the RX HDMI Map 69 = 0xA4, this setting mean that the HDMI'S HPA is pull high when the RX EDID ready ,the HDMI cable is pluged and so on.And then get the SPA address from the EDID block ,and change the REPEATER 70- 75 register in the right value.

     Now the problem is when i used the PC as the source the PC can't read the EDID ,and use other device such as Blue ray DVD, the DVD can read the edid from the ADV7623 and the adv7623 can display video normal. I detected that when the HDMI cable plugin the port ,the HPA pin change from the low to high.Is mean that the adv7623 had command the source input to read the EDID?Why the PC can't read the EDID.

     Looking forwards.