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QEP Issue

Question asked by Jack on Mar 15, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2011 by Eng007

Dear Friends:


One MC Customer finds that QEP1 function in VisualDSP debug mode works well. But once programming the flash, and power on, hardware bootload, QEP1 does not conut. Then connect VisualDSP again, run from FFA00000, it works again.



The configure is:


// *pPORTG_FER = 0xc000;
  // *pPORTG_MUX = 0xc000;
  *pCNT1_CONFIG = 0x3;  
    //boundary-capture mode, 周期为31bit值,捕获值也是31bit值
    //debounce enable                               
    *pCNT1_DEBOUNCE = 0x0000;
    //debounce delay
    //0000:1*128 sys_clk (f_sclk = 100Mhz)
    *pCNT1_MAX    = 0;
    *pCNT1_MIN    = 0;



What is the problem? How to replicate this issue in BF506 EZ-KIT?