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AD7175-2 sync3 filter SINC_3MAPx bit set and its output data rate

Question asked by Maurooven on May 18, 2015
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in the datasheet version-A page 29 is reported that for calculation of data rate with the SINC3_MAP option active, the output data rate can be calculated using the equation ODR=fmod/(32*FILTCON). It is expressely specified that to obtain 50 SPS a value of 5000 is needed, in fact the formula of fmodulator @ 8Mhz / 32 / 5000 = 50.  To my experiment the result is to be = to 8Mhz / 32 / 3 / 1666 to obtain 50 SPS.

Do you confirm?


I assume this factor of to have 3 relation with the settling time that would divide the data rate by 3 (top of the SINC3 filter paragraph).

There is a different explanation?


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