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Problems with Software of ADF7023 on Windows XP file "instr.lib" missing

Question asked by JayRocks on Mar 15, 2011
Latest reply on May 10, 2011 by SteveH


I am writing to you because I tried to install the SW Tools to work with the following IC:

- Transceiver ADF7023 from Analog Devices

I downloaded the folder "Latest_ADF7023_Software_Rev1.3.3" from the FTP Server


I  have installed the Software but when I try to run it, it says that the  following file is needed: C:\Archivos de Programa\Analog Devices  BV\ADF7023\instr.lib

Where could I find this file? I tried to look for it in google but I did not find it.

I have Windows XP. We tried in the computer of a friend (WINDOWS 7) and there were no works well in Windows 7.

I tried to install Windows7 as a Virtual Machine in VirtualBOX but the USB is not working properly, it does not recognise the ADF7023- Board by USB...

I am looking forward to hearing from you






Have any of you installed this software in Windows XP? Does it work there? If so, could you look for the file I am looking for to see if you have that file in your folders? It should be in the folder the image I attached says if you have used the default folder to install it... Thanks