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A simpler approach to implementing In-Application Programming on the ADuC702x?

Question asked by Circuitcode on Mar 14, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2011 by PatrickN

Some years ago Johnson Jiao & Raven Xue, then of Analog Devices, came up with a pure software approach to serial load an ADuC702x without requiring the ADuC702x serial load process to be initiated by the ADuC702x BM* and RST* I/O lines toggling LOW in a special boot sequence. Their recommended software approach is summarized in an Analog Devices web site document, ADuC702x_IAP.PDF or ADuC702x_IAP[1].PDF (please see attached).


The approach they recommend requires the user to duplicate the program load code of the already present Factory Configured Boot-Loader located as hidden code at 0x0008F800 to 0x0008FFFF.


My question is:


Instead of duplicating the already present factory configured boot loader is there enough information available about the boot loader that we could use the Jiao/Xue recommended software initiation of the boot-load process and then branch to the Factory Configured Boot-Loader?


All feedback appreciated.