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ADE7953: How to calculated active energy line cycle accumulation mode

Question asked by nobita on May 17, 2015
Latest reply on May 19, 2015 by hmani

Hi Everyone,

I am beginning with Power Meter, I used ADE7953 and MSP430F5510IPT.

On the project, I am working with:

+ use with Rogowski coil sensors (PA3208NL, 100A) for Current Channel A & Voltage Channel (220VAC).

+ load is a hair drier: 230VAC, 2.45A, Pmax as 1200W (with 4.9A), PF as 0.9999.

+ System: 50Hz, 220VAC

+ use line cycle accumulation mode to measure the active energy

+ config register:

     CONFIG = 0x8005: set to COMM_LOCK, HPFEN, INTENA

     LCYCMODE = 0x01: set to ALWATT (RSTREAD = 0)

     LINECYC = 0x64: 100 cycles with system 50Hz => accumulated 1s

     ACCMODE = 0x3F0000: AWATTACC = 0 (Current Channel A active energy accumulation mode : normal mode)

Everything seems working well with voltage, current, PF, Power. I see result for  these resister (decimal):

+ VRMS: 6185124

+ IRMSA: 214370

+ PFA: -32768

+ AWATT: 76932

+ AENERGYA: 3265


But  I can’t measure energy:

By reading "AENERGYA register, i expected to read an increasing value but i read only a value that move up and down: from 3240 to 3270.

I can't see any "accumulation".


I hope you give me advice.

Thanks you so much