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ADI kernel with xenomai patch on zedboard?

Question asked by ligang23090 on May 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2015 by jeffmelville

Hello everyone:

           I am using ADI linux kernel and linaro filesystem on zedboard(xilinx).because of the adv7511 drivers.I use the following as a refernce:

        now i want to patch the kernel with xenomai real time module.but the latest xenomai patch is based on linux-denx repository(v3.14.17 kernel which is in turn was based on linux-xlnx 6530A9B),so I decided to merge is how i did:

$git clone git://

$cd linux

$git remote add linux-denx git://

$git fetch linux-denx
$git checkout 5ea3bc9 (one of the commit in xcomm_zynq branch. it is a v3.14.0 kernel)
$git merge xilinx-zynq-v3.14.17 (this branch can directly use xenomai ,i tested on zedboard)

only a few conficts---->fix them---> commit---->build----->tested-->It can boot and work successfully,By the way I used the zynq_xcomm_adv7511_defconfig file.

       and then i patched the kernel where is merged from with the exnomai and still used the zynq_xcomm_adv7511_defconfig file,but  added some kernel configurations(only enable some smp features,,otherwise,the kernel would not build successfully).but this time the kernel hangs at the last line of kernel boot log.the HDMI monitor had showed up the logo(two penguins),but it hangs there,the uart terminal hangs at:

ureadahead main process (727) terminated with status 51e. and  won't go on.just echo what i type(so i guess the kernel may not freeze ),


      i examined the boot logs .the successful boot kernel's boot log has this item "Switched to clocksource ttc_clocksource",but the other failed one is "Switched to clocksource ipipe_tsc"。I don't know if this is the cause。I just tells what i see.


      can someone give me some advice?whcih patch lead to the problem.the kernel?? the kernel configuration??or xenomai patch???

         any advice would appreciate.sorry for my bad english. Thank you.