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Isolation for ECG

Question asked by Yee on Mar 12, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2011 by BillC

Hello Bill,


I would like to know how / what you would recommend for providing galvonic issolation. I rarely if ever see anything written about it, other than the obvious need for it, and it is a ISO requirement in most medical devices contacting a patient.

Since Analog Devices offers both analog and digital issolation products, it would be a great service to us if you could expand beyond the generalities and give some specifics, perhaps using a 3 lead ECG as a relavant example (perhaps with some schematics ). The RLD is an interesting question as to how to properly treat it for both issolation as well as current limiting.


I do understand much depends on partitioning and approach, but would appreciate some comparisons and tradeoff discussion about issolation at the sensor with an analog issolator, issolation after the first stage, and digital issolation after ADC conversion.


Thanks very much.