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AD8302 with DSB signals

Question asked by mantow on Mar 10, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2011 by mantow

Hi all,


I would like to ask whether the AD8302 is suitable to use for measuring the amplitude and phase between a pair of double-sideband (DSB) signals?



There is a post in the FAQ section of RF components asking about the response of AD8302 with modulated signals. The answer seems to indicate that AD8302 can work with modulated signals.


So, if I am comparing a pair of DSB signals (formed by a low IF (CW) signal modulated onto a high frequency carrier), what amplitude and phase difference would be detected by the AD8302? Is it the amplitude and phase difference between the two LSB tones, two carriers, or two USB tones, or some combination of them all? Say for example, IF is 75MHz and LO is 1GHz.



Many thanks in advance for any advice