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326 Out of memory in output section 'dxe_block0_sw_code_prio2' in processor 'p0'/?

Question asked by 江湖中已没了哥 on May 15, 2015
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I use the 21489 demo project in cces,when I try to add some function in my prorgram , After cpmpiled, IDE tell me "326 Out of memory in output section 'dxe_block0_sw_code_prio2'.


it seems that "mem_block0_sw16" is not enough ,but i donot know how to modified the app.ldf flie,  is there the all memory on ADSP21489 have been mapped in this file ?


if app.ldf have been mapped all,once I modify(add) some block memory to  mem_block0_sw16,is this will affect other block ?




thus my function(add by myself ) use '#pragma section("ss_fw_code_fast")' all





#pragma section("ss_fw_code_fast")

void AMF_Scaler1_C_Render (AMF_Scaler1_C * restrict instance, AMF_Signal * restrict * buffers, int tickSize)


    *(buffers[1]) = *(buffers[0]) * instance->scale;




i have multiple functions like above


thanks for your attention